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  • Improves plant safety by reducing catastrophic motor and generator failures
  • Eliminates control cabinet access for manual meg-ohm testing, thus mitigating arc flash
  • Automatic offline testing improves plant and machine reliability
  • Detects the earliest stages of insulation breakdown and extends equipment operating life
  • Both visual and audible alarms alert personnel to unsafe conditions
  • Reduces potential for injury to personnel and damage to equipment
  • Reduces costly downtime of critical machines
  • AC Synchronous Generators
  • DC Generators
  • Hydro Gernerators
  • Wind Turbine Generators
  • Standby Generators
  • AC Induction Generators
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MegAlert Made In the USA, Minocqua, WI

How MegAlert Systems can help: 

MegAlert systems make the workplace safer by providing permanently installed automatic I/R testers and monitors that allow for "hands-off" testing, which can then prevent disastrous accidents from occurring and even save lives. With an estimated five to ten arc flash accidents occurring daily – far too often resulting in fatalities – motor and generator testing safety is more important than ever. MegAlert devices allow for required testing to be done from outside of the cabinet, protecting personnel from exposure to potentially deadly Arc Flash accidents..  Learn more...

What is Arc Flash?

An arc flash, also called a flashover, is a type of electrical discharge or explosion.  It's a phenomenon where a flashover of electrical current leaves its intended path and travels through the air from one conduit to another or to ground.  Read more...


  • AC Induction Motors
  • AC Synchronous Motors
  • DC Motors
  • Wound Rotor Motors
  • Seno Motors
  • Submersible Motors


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MegAlert is a manufacturer of patented testing and protection systems for Motors and Generators. The MegAlert products are 100% made and assembled in the Minocqua, Wi. USA.  The systems are designed to detect insulation breakdown that can be caused by Moisture, Heat, Dirt, Chemical Contamination, Vibration and Age. The early detection of insulation breakdown allows maintenance personnel to take corrective action in time to prevent failures on start up, which is the most common time for failures to occur. By catching failures ahead of time, motors and generators can be reconditioned vs rewound which is less time and expense and also extends the operating life of the equipment.



  • Automatic "hands-off" testing
  • Provides I/R value outside the cabinet for safe, reliable reading of meter
  • Patented safety current-limiting circuits only allow a maximum of 200 micro amps DC during testing
  • Permanently installed "True Dielectric" insulation resistance tester
  • A highly reliable indicator of  a motor or generator's probability of failure
  • New digital meter option sends a constant stream of digital data for track and trending
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