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AVPH LED -Globe & Guard for Hazardous Locations.


EFL -General Purpose Flood Light.

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LHFLJ High-/Mid-Bay LED Light Fixture Picture
AVP LED Light Picture

LHFL Hi-/Mid-Bay LED -LED Area lighting for Hazardous Locations.

ALIJ-Hi Lumen LEDfor Industrial Locations.

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​​​​The Klode Company Hazardous Locations & Industrial Electrical enclosures, Air Pressurization Systems & Lighting manufacturers' sales reps serving Illinois, Northwest Indiana & Wisconsin

LHFL Hi-/Mid-Bay LED Picture

HLS LED -Edge lit LED Sign for Hazardous Locations.

HLEL -Hazardous location emergency light.

BVP -Brass Globe & Guard for Marine & Wet Locations.

CVP -Non-metallic Globe & Guard for Hazardous Locations.

EFL Light Picture

LFL LED -LED flood lighting for Marine & Wet Locations.

Rig-A-Lite by AZZ                        Email: info@azz.com

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Ft Worth, TX 76107                    Fax: 817-336-5354

AVPH LED Picture

LHFLJ High/Mid-Bay LED -Area Lighting for Hazardous Locations.

AVP -Globe & Guard for Marine & Wet Locations.

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IMF -Enclosed Gasket, inside drip-proof fluorescent

LFL LED Picture

The Klode Company explosion proof enclosures.  The Klode Company industrial electrical equipment

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BVP LED -Brass Globe & Guard for Marine & Wet Locations.

AFL Flood Light Picture
ALIJ-Hi Lumen LED Picture

LHFLJ LED -Flood Lighting for Hazardous Locations.

CVP Light Picture

Facility engineers, managers and technicians around the world depend on AZZ Lighting Systems to provide safe environments for refineries, manufacturing plants and other industrial applications. AZZ's global network of lighting distributors ensures our complete selection of industrial lighting is available when and where it's needed most.

AFL-Flood Lighting for Hazardous Locations.

AVP LED -Globe & Guard for Hazardous Locations.

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