ALIJ-Hi Lumen LED Picture

BVP -Brass Globe & Guard for Marine & Wet Locations.

FPF2 -

BVP Light Picture

IMF -Enclosed Gasket, inside drip-proof fluorescent


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CVP Light Picture
AFL Flood Light Picture

AVP -Globe & Guard for Marine & Wet Locations.

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​​​​The Klode Company Hazardous Locations & Industrial Electrical enclosures, Air Pressurization Systems & Lighting manufacturers' sales reps serving Illinois, Northwest Indiana & Wisconsin

EurobexThe Klode Company explosion proof enclosures.  The Klode Company industrial electrical equipment

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CVP -Non-metallic Globe & Guard for Hazardous Locations.


EFL -General Purpose Flood Light.

ALIJ-Hi Lumen LEDfor Industrial Locations.

EFL Light Picture

AFL-Flood Lighting for Hazardous Locations.

AVP Guarded Globe Light Picture

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