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Adalet has developed a full line of explosion proof selector switches with uncompromising attention to the highest safety standards.  Die cast aluminum alloy. The barrels are all 3/4” NPSM thread.   All operators have black molded nylon knobs. The exposed metal parts are black anodized aluminum.

Operating Device Accessories

Adalet has developed a full line of explosion proof selector switches with uncompromising attention to the highest safety standards.  Adalet guarantees you a durable and dependable product, made to withstand even the harshest environments.

Please visit Adalet.com for detailed product offerings, specifications, drawings, literature and product certifications. 

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Explosion-proof pilot lights suitable for panel or surface mount applications.  All pilot lights are sealed construction and can be re-lamped by removal of lens cap. All pilot lights are made with 3/4" NPSM threads, can be placed on 21/2" x 21/2" centers for mounting & have 8" flexible leads, All lens caps are black anodized aluminum finish.

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XP Selector Switches

Explosion Proof Operating Devices

Reduce the size of control enclosure requirements in hazardous environments with Adalet's XP Mini Operators.  Mount on 1” centers vs. standard operators requiring 2 1/2” centers.  No special enclosures required; can be installed in most Adalet standard explosion-proof enclosures.

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Adalet's 600 Votls AC maximum contact blocks for pushbuttons & selector switches may be stacked to a maximum of 4 for multiple circuits.  Series BT contact blocks extend 7/8" beyond operator.

Available in circular and standard rectangular shapes.  The XGC circular window kit is available in 7 standard sizes & includes a one-piece, NEMA 4 water-tight gasket & impact resistant, shatterproof glass that won't scratch or cloud.  The XGW rectangular window kit is available in 10 standard sizes, is customizable and is factory sealed.

Hazardous area, explosion proof hazardous locations

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Adalet offers a wide variety of operating device accessories: pushbutton caps, selector switch caps, legend plates, close up plugs & other pushbutton & selector switch components.

Used for resetting contractors, relays, etc. in explosion-proof and weather-proof enclosures.  Made with 3/4" NPSM threaded stem. Standard operating shaft length 6" can be cut to length.  Special lengths are also available.  Use XRBL for wall thickness greater than 3/4".

Adalet has developed a full line of explosion proof pushbuttons with uncompromising attention to the highest safety standards.  All operators are die cast aluminum alloy.  The barrels are all 3/4" NPSM thread and have black molded nylon buttons. 

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