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All welded construction made of sheet aluminum, stainless steel or sheet metal.  The rack frame is hot dipped galvanized, structural steel with optional corrosion resistant primer and epoxy coating.  Premium, high strength stainless steel cover bolts are standard.  A wide variety of explosion-proof motor control assemblies and panelboards is available.  Single or double-sided assemblies are available in single or double rows.

Hazardous area, explosion proof hazardous locations

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Enclosures are copper free aluminum (3/10 of 1%), Cover bolts are stainless steel 316L & Hinge kits are copper free aluminum with stainless steel 316L     hardware.  There are 11 standard configurations available for NEMA sizes 0 through 3, NEMA 4 watertight Nitrile gaskets, Mechanical reset button &  Combination starter with plug-in modular trip for ease of field modifications all standard.

Explosion Proof Motor Control

Circuit Breakers

Versatile mounting footprint makes installation in any application fast and easy.  Lightweight, corrosion resistant, copper-free aluminum alloy body (0.3% max. copper content), Red and green pushbuttons for easy start/stop operation, Bolted flange design provides clear access to internal components, Durable cast-on lugs cannot get lost • Watertight ‘O’ ring for NEMA 4X applications 

Motor Starter Protectors

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Available in circular and standard rectangular shapes.  The XGC circular window kit is available in 7 standard sizes & includes a one-piece, NEMA 4 water-tight gasket & impact resistant, shatterproof glass that won't scratch or cloud.  The XGW rectangular window kit is available in 10 standard sizes, is customizable and is factory sealed.

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Utilizing the XCEX Series ATEX enclosures, Adalet can fully populate these control enclosures with any CE approved device & provide the engineering services needed to certify the final assembly as an ATEX control panel with a complete ATEX Equipment Certificate without any additional 3rd party testing & approvals.

XB Enclosures

Circuit breakers are thermal magnetic type and are available in frame sizes ranging from 15 to 800 amperes.  Also available as non-automatic circuit interrupters, without automatic overload trip elements for load switching and isolation.  Can be set up for GE, Cutler-Hammer (Westinghouse), Square-D and ITE (Siemens) brand circuit breakers. Consult factory for other brands.

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Enclosures are cast from proprietary 359 aluminum alloy. Motor starters are reversing or non-reversing and are rated 5HP to 200HP. Through the door mechanical reset button, Pre-drilled for hinges (hinges optional), Pre-drilled for sub-panel (sub-panel optional), One-piece, NEMA 4 water-tight gasket, Premium, high-strength stainless steel captive cover bolts, Internal grounding provisions & Cast-on mounting feet.

Magnetic Motor Starter Enclosures

Switch Racks

XCPX Series Control Stations

Designed for mounting on panel boards so that pilot lights, push buttons and switch handles are flush with panel fronts and the bodies or housings are in the back of the panel.  Style XB is suitable for combinations of pilot lights, push buttons & selector switches for 600 volt maximum use.  NEC Class I, Groups C & D.  Class II, Groups E, F, G.

D9N_D9SC Enclosures

Designed for applications which explosions could be caused by dust from rubber, grain, sugar, plastic powder & other materials, the Adalet Type 9 enclosures are intended for indoor/outdoor use in locations classified as Class II, Groups E, F, or G, and shall be capable of preventing the entrance of dust. 

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Combination Motor Starters

Please visit Adalet.com for detailed product offerings, specifications, drawings, literature and product certifications. 

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