Type 'Bd' or XDBH2 Breather / Drains are used to allow the air inside the 'Ex d' Flameproof or Class I, Division 1 explosion-proof enclosure to breathe with the surrounding atmosphere and also to allow any moisture that enters the enclosure to drain while maintaing the overall integrity of the installation.

XGC_XGW Window Kits

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Close Up Plugs

Available in circular and standard rectangular shapes.  The XGC circular window kit is available in 7 standard sizes & includes a one-piece, NEMA 4 water-tight gasket & impact resistant, shatterproof glass that won't scratch or cloud.  The XGW rectangular window kit is available in 10 standard sizes, is customizable and is factory sealed.

Sealing Fittings

Sealing Fittings are required in Hazardous Locations and are used to isolate arc- producing devices in conduit and wiring systems, and to prevent the passage of explosive pressures from one area to another.  Suitable for either horizontal or vertical mounting and are provided with threaded plugged openings into which fiber and cement can be placed to form effective seal. Male & Female options available.

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Breather Drains

The flame arrestor fitting is designed to prevent flame propagation thru tubing systems with minimum flow restrictions of control pressures.    Provides thru-wall connections of tubing systems for electro/ pneumatic and gas analysis devices installed within Adalet’s explosion-proof enclosures.

Pull Elbows/Sealing Cement/Packing Fiber

Explosion Proof Fittings

Please visit Adalet.com for detailed product offerings, specifications, drawings, literature and product certifications. 

hazardous area, explosion proof & hazardous locations

Explosion-proof unions for use in conduit piping systems for ease of installation and removal of fittings, boxes and equipment enclosures in hazardous atmosphere areas. Parts are steel, zinc and clear dichromate plated for corrosion protection. 

Pull elbows are a versatile and inexpensive explosion-proof fitting with a threaded cover that will easily and compactly handle 90° conduit runs. 

ADACO SEALING CEMENT is the easiest-to-use sealing cement on the market.

ADACO PACKING FIBER is used with Adaco Sealing Cement for plugging conduit openings in fittings. A

Designed for general wiring in hazardous locations. Used for pulling and splicing conductors.  Serves as mounting outlets with use of appropriate fixture covers.   Available with dome cover for additional splicing room and mounting of various devices.

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Adalet’s line of PECO flexible couplings makes it a snap to safely join equipment in hazardous locations where stationary equipment is connected to machinery that moves or vibrates. These couplings are also perfectly suited for tight spaces where difficult bends are needed.

Junction Boxes

Flexible Couplings

Conduit Unions

Hazardous area, explosion proof hazardous locations

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Flame Arrestors

Tapered thread close-up plugs for explosion-proof conduit entrances. Provides 5 full threads of engagement. Made of aluminum alloy, these plugs have screw-driver slots and fit practically flush when installed.