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hazardous area, explosion proof & hazardous locations

A Complete Solution - Everything you need including lock-nuts, bushings, and flange gaskets, eliminating the need to purchase additional components. Available in the industry’s broadest range of sizes to fit cable diameters from .450 to 4.12 ensuring precise fit and seal.​​

Hazardous area, explosion proof hazardous locations

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Nema 4X Panelboards

Stainless steel, Type 4X enclosures keep machinery controls protected during wash downs. The ability to withstand corrosive properties found in some foods and the superior hygienic qualities of stainless steel are two more reasons why these types of enclosures are ideal for housing food and beverage machinery controls.

Adalet's PLM couplers feature corrosion-resistant aluminum, rigid, non-breakable EPDM insulators, 500 amp contacts, portable cable mounting, switchgear or equipment mounting and standard cover, stress control kit instructions included.

Polycarbonate is exceptionally strong and polycarbonate enclosures can withstand greater impact than most of their counterparts. Because of their durability, they typically outlast the lifetime of the electrical equipment they house.  These enclosures can easily withstand constant stress in a wide range of environments, especially those outdoors exposed to elements like rain, dust and sun. 

Molded under heat and pressure to produce superior chemical resistance in corrosive applications, fiberglass electrical enclosures are used both indoors and outdoors to house wireless equipment, terminal wiring, instrumentation, electrical controls, and other sensitive electrical or electronic components. 

​​​​The Klode Company- Hazardous Location Enclosures, Industrial Electrical Enclosures & Air Pressurization Systems manufacturers' representatives serving Illinois, Northwest Indiana & Wisconsin

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Stainless Steel Enclosures

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Fiberglass Electrical Enclosures

Adalet distribution and power panelboards are used to control lighting and power distribution in industrial locations.  Constructed from 304 or 316L stainless steel, the N4XPB product family offers a wide selection of products for use in wash down or highly corrosive locations.  

hazardous areas, explosion proof & hazardous locations